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Choosing a Local HVAC Company

Local is Best

Finding a reliable HVAC Company can seem frightening, but it doesn't have to be. The best place to start is by selecting a HVAC Company that works in your local city. Choosing a HVAC Company who works in your local city means you are supporting the local economy and helping solidify their reputation as a local tradesman. But where do you start?

Ask for Referrals

Often your friends and family in your local city or town will have, at one point or another, hired or know someone who has hired a local HVAC Company. They will be happy to share their opinions with you about various local HVAC Companies, the quality of their work and the competitiveness of their prices. Builders, contractors and real estate agents in your local city or town all deal with tradesmen frequently, and will be happy to endorse the local HVAC Company they feel has the best reputation, high-quality standards and completion times. When all else fails, you can search the local yellow page listings both in the phone book and online. You might even find websites dedicated to helping you find a local HVAC Company, along with reviews from people.

Now that you have a list of local HVAC Company in your arsenal, how do you know which HVAC Company to hire? It's simple: you interview them!

Years of Business

It's important that your local HVAC Company has the knowledge and expertise necessary to solve your heating and cooling problems. Be wary of the jack-of-all-trades, who do this work in their spare time. A local tradesman who has been in business for a lengthy period of time, for a reputable company, has a proven track record of working with suppliers and customers, and most likely has a solid positive reputation as a result.

Business Etiquette

When deciding to hire a local HVAC Company, it's important to consider the reputation and quality of work of the company, the professionalism and business management practices of the heating and cooling company, and the relationship between the company and the client. Eliminate those HVAC companies who undercut their prices just to get the job. If you don't, you run the risk of compromising the quality of the work and possibly a warranty that may not be honoured. Call a local HVAC company. How does the receptionist answer the phone? Are they courteous and polite? How does the individual who takes the call respond to your inquiries? Do they listen attentively and explain simply how they can solve the problem? You want to ensure a positive working relationship with your HVAC Company, and these are very simple yet important ways to do that.


Does the HVAC Company have sufficient insurance coverage in the event that something goes wrong? Workman's Compensation Insurance is critical and you need to verify that your HVAC Company has it. Evidence of insurance should be made available upon request. If your HVAC Company does not produce the proper insurance, it's important to note that you can be held liable should he or any of his workers get hurt while on your property.


Proper licensing is crucial to the success of any HVAC Company. HVAC Company's who offer cheaper rates may not be licensed or insured and often use cost-cutting techniques that will have a negative impact on the long-term integrity of your heating and cooling system.


A highly-regarded HVAC Company will be happy to provide references for you upon request. Be sure you check them! Call the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against the HVAC Company. Beware of references that are unwilling to talk about the HVAC Company, or don't have positive things to say about the job that was completed. A first-rate HVAC Company will have first-rate references and that's the HVAC Company you want to hire!


A quality HVAC Company will tell you what the repair or service will cost before the work begins. The HVAC Company who charges based on "time and materials" has no incentive to get the job done quickly, efficiently or on budget. He actually makes more money by working slowly and having to leave to get more parts. Hire a local HVAC Company who uses a flat rate, up-front pricing system to avoid losing your money.


When the local HVAC Company shows up at your door, what do they look like? Are they clean, and in uniform with a company logo and a name badge on their shirt? Do they wear protective shoe covers and look you in the eye to say hello? Is their truck clean and neatly lettered with the company name and phone number? If the HVAC Company cares about themselves, their appearance and their truck, you can bet they will take the same amount of care with your house.

A reputable, high-quality local HVAC Company is easy to find — you just need to follow the right steps to find him!

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